Buying Water Purifier? Why Choose Forbes Water Purifier?

Forbes Water Purifier in Nepal

Access to safe and clean drinking water is a necessity for all. Clean water is indispensable for every human being. The most basic purpose is for drinking, cooking and other day-to-day needs like bathing, brushing, washing clothes etc. It not just makes our life healthier but also fulfils the hygiene purpose.

Safe water implies that it is free from contamination and other polluting particles that cause health hazards. In India, access to drinking water is quite a problem due to growing population, environmental issues and industrial developments. It is usually assumed that water is safe to consume if it is clear. However, this is not always the case. Even clear water may have some bacteria or enzymes that could be harmful to your body. Hence, it is imperative to use a water purifier

Forbes Water Purifier Products and Technologies

Below are the five reasons to invest in the best water purifier.

Prevents Diseases:

The primary reason for using a water purifier is to provide safe drinking water by removing contaminants which are responsible for waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, etc. If you’re using direct tap water for drinking, there is a high risk that you may get affected by various waterborne diseases. 


Water purifiers are cost-effective and affordable compared to refillable jar dispensers. If you are living in a rented apartment, you find it a hassle to install a water purifier and rely on commonly used 20 ltr water jar dispensers. Instead Invest in a good water purifier for home and reusable water bottles which can be carried when you are travelling to quench your thirst.  

Bottled water increases plastic pollution and also isn’t cost-effective. Instead you can choose the best water purifier with many affordable options offered by Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier range. Get access to safe and pure water at any time you want. Choose from a range of water filters built with RO and UV technology to suit your specific purification needs. 

Essential for overall well-being:  

Worried about water purifiers stripping away the natural minerals essential for the human body? Aquaguard water purifiers are equipped with Goodness of Copper with Calcium and Zinc. If you’re cooking food with unfiltered tap water, you may face gastronomic and other water-related digestion problems. Hence, it is highly recommended to use a water purification system for cooking healthy food and build a strong immunity system.

Latest technology: 

Water purifiers are equipped with advanced technologies such as RO, UV, UF and  MTDS Depending on various factors such as source of water, TDS levels, etc., one can choose the right technology with expert help. You can book a free home demo  to buy the best water purifier for your home. RO purifier helps to remove unwanted salts, germs and impurities with the help of membrane technology. If the quality of water in your area is hard, it is highly recommended to use an RO water purifier. UV technology terminates impurities using 100% Chemical Free – Positive Charge technology, while Gravity uses Virus Kill technology to give total protection from viruses. If you’re looking to purchase an RO or UV filter, Eureka Forbes is one of the bestsellers in water purifiers and filters. 

Saves time: )(

A purifier system helps to save time. It eliminates the need for boiling water and the need to settle it to the normal temperature, to be safe for drinking. A simple, one-time installation of a purifying system will ensure that safe drinking water retains the same taste.   

You should choose the best water purifier not just for safe drinking, but to ensure you’re in the pink of health. If you’re planning to buy, look no further than Eureka Forbes that offers different varieties of purifiers as per your needs.